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Santa Visit Suggestions

Have your camera/s ready: Be sure to have all your film, videotape, and batteries to take the photos you want or need to get. Be sure to charge your video camera batteries. *Santa has a quality photographer available upon request* Photo packages available for a fee.

Reserve a special parking space for Santa: Remember Santa is a senior citizen, and wears a hot heavy suit. If Santa has to park down the street or around the corner and walk all the way to your home, or office, Santa will be winded and exhausted when he arrives. Santa may also be delayed because everyone wants to see Santa.

If the visit is at your home, leave an opening at the end of your driveway. Just for fun.... put a sign out that says "Reserved for Santa" or back one car down the driveway with a space in front. When Santa arrives he will call to let you know he is there. Whoever greets him outside they can pull the vehicle forward, so Santa can park right behind. If your event is at a Hotel, Company, or Office building make arrangements for Santa to park at a Valet or a loading zone. Again you can mark this area with a sign.This makes it easy for him to be fresh and ready to bring joy to your guests. Timing is important. Santa's contracted time begins the moment he arrives. Minutes spent getting everyone together are part of your contracted time. If everyone is scattered around the house or office, you lose valuable time. Santa will coordinate with you by calling when he is five minutes away from arriving. That is your cue to get the person outside to greet Santa, and for you to gather your guest together. (Maybe sing some Christmas Carols.) Santa does not bring candy canes or gifts. ( That is up to you.) If Santa is to deliver pre arranged gifts, the person greeting Santa outside can help fill his bag. Make sure all gifts are marked with big bold letters, with black marker and written directly on the gifts. (Tags can easily fall off.) All gifts should be able to fit into Santa's bag equal to a 35 gallon trash bag. If you happen to have more gifts Santa will have his helper or your greeter help carry in extra gifts. Then at just the right moment, Santa can make his grand entrance while everyone is singing carols. Remember if this is an event with a large number of children, you should have someone assigned to assist Santa's helper to coordinate the children as they line up to visit Santa.

Holiday settings for photos: Have a sturdy chair for Santa to sit in. Folding chairs, plastic chairs, and low chairs (the ones you sink into) are not good. Santa needs a chair that is stable and sturdy. A good straight-back dining chair, with no arms works well. Santa should be able to sit comfortably with the chair able to support him plus a child on each knee. Place this chair near your Christmas tree or in a holiday setting, maybe in front of a decorative wall or any festive type of setting or backdrop. Your photos will have more of an impact. Place a wreath, a few Christmas cards or wrapped gifts to make a wonderful difference. You should leave a foot or two between the chair and the tree or wall. This will allow room for others to gather around and behind Santa's chair for group photos or when your child may be timid. Santa can stand behind while child sits alone or with parent. Fireplaces make great settings, but remember putting Santa to close to a real fire can be uncomfortable with his heavy red suit. (IF POSSIBLE, ALWAYS PROVIDE A FAN FOR SANTA. ) Santa can stand for "group" or "buddy" photo. Remember nothing is more fun for Grandma than a photo hugging Santa or Grandpa shaking Santa's hand.

If there is a balance or payment due to Santa, place it inside a Christmas card or envelope. It never looks appropriate giving Santa cash. So as Santa is departing, hand him the envelope and say, "Thank You Santa and here is a Christmas card from all of us."

Santa and his helpers wants to wish Everyone a Merry Christmas!
                                Santa Bob Mc.                                        
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